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Welcon Technologies

Welcon Technologies

This was the first project I worked on.  I designed this website for Welcon Technologies, who were my very first client since starting my business.  The colour scheme was inspired by their company colours and my choice of layout came uniquely from the design of their previous website, which they had grown fond of.

This client runs their business as an Electrical Engineering consultancy, and as such required a simple, yet informative website that could get their purpose, services and success stories across to their viewers without requiring a great deal of time to be spent on any one page of their website.

Seeking fluency in every page, I maintained a consistent design layout with only the contents of each page differing. Furthermore, the concise detail shown meant readers could quickly find what they were looking for on Welcon’s website and decide if they wished to request their services.

I am particularly pleased with how this website turned out, because I designed it completely from scratch – no WordPress theme used as the base.  The WordPress theme I created for Welcon is completely unique and standalone, and one they can easily maintain for years to come.

The website is mobile-friendly, clean and easy to navigate.  Check it out.

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If you like what you have seen and think this is the kind of Custom Website you or your business would like to have designed.  If so, then why not contact me and let me help you make that a reality?

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