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This was more of a personal project, but one that quickly grew into an idea.  While I was designing this website, I thought to myself “why don’t I try and make something of this hobby?”  I was hesitant at first, and I nearly walked away from it many times, but finishing this website gave me the confidence to kickstart my own website design and development career.

I have been teaching myself to design and program software for well over three years now.  I have done everything from basic software applications in Excel and AutoCAD, to full blown websites and mobile apps using HTML, CSS and hybrid mobile platforms such as Ionic.  Programming has become a big part of who I am, so looking back on it all, starting my own small business where I can use my talents to help other businesses seems like a no brainer.

But enough about me, let me tell you a bit about my website I have designed.  Starting with the theme, I chose to go with purple, white and black.  The reason for my choice was to appear a little different to traditional colour schemes and also keep my website looking sleek and vivid, yet at the same time smooth, to my readers.  I am not seeking to draw your attention anywhere, but at the same time I do want to see everything my website has to offer.  I believe this is an important balance to have for every website, especially if you are looking to advertise your whole business and not just one singular part.

I am not going to worry about providing a link to my live website – you are already here after all, and that for me means a lot.

I hope you find my custom website design to your liking.  If you like what you have seen and think this is the kind of Custom Website you or your business would like to have designed.  If so, then why not contact me and let me help you make that a reality?

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