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Mission To Seafarers GLD

Mission To Seafarers GLD

I have been working on a website for the Mission To Seafarers Gladstone, a community charity dedicated to providing help, care and support to local and international seafarers who do it tough each and every day.

I took on the job of designing a website for them for free as it is a very noble and dedicated group of individuals who run this charity and they deserve to have something given to them for all of the time and effort they willingly surrender to help our seafarers.

The website is still in the process of being finished, so what is displayed here is only a work in progress and susceptible to change or alteration between now and the final product. Still I have posted it here as a way of showcasing the unique layout and theme I have been busily preparing in hope that it will both inspire you to think up a theme of your own or intrigue those of you reading this to consider Lyonic Web Design for your next website development project.

You can check out the current website by clicking the link below. Remember this is still a work in progress, so do not be worried if the image at the top of this post does not reflect the current state of the website.

View Live Website

As always, if you are looking to develop your own website or if it is in the realm of possibility in the near future, then please get in touch with me and I will happily consult you on the direction as well as the various forms your company or small business can take.

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