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I recently completed work on a blog-style website for a local Gladstone reporter. The website steers clear of complex additives and page layouts instead opting to keep a minimalistic theme with some animated design elements to pleasantly surprise and intrigue readers to continue clicking through every story.

The website may be finished now, but this was only the first stage of the design. Many additional features have been envisioned between myself and the client with the end-product likely to take the form of a forum and blog-style website with extra eye-catching elements such as a section for Podcasts and Interviews, Advertising and Marketing opportunities for small businesses and start-ups, and an Online Store.

For now though, FreelanceLife is a website run by Gladstone’s Greg Bray, a local reporter with a keen eye for a great story. He can weave together some amazing blog posts and his website allows you to keep up with some local figures, small businesses and other notable writers’ and authors’ looking to make their mark on the world of literature.

If you have time and are interested in reading some great success stories, then head on over to Greg’s website. You will not be disappointed!

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If you like what you have seen and think this is the kind of Custom Website you or your business would like to have designed.  If so, then why not contact me and let me help you make that a reality?

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