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Custom Web Design

Make your ideas a reality!

We create beautiful and unique custom website designs tailored made to suit your business. We will build your custom website using the WordPress Content Management System - which means you can easily update your website yourself and make changes anytime you need, without needing to come to us for help.

Let us take care of the heavy lifting and expand your online business with our powerful designs.

Marketing Strategy

You don't need a website.

You need more leads, more customers, more revenue. A pretty website is one thing, but a marketing strategy with a clear objective is another. Which of the two do you think gets you results?

We will work closely with you to figure out your why, discover exactly what it is you want, and formulate a marketing strategy that gets you the results you need, for the long term.

Website Design & Brand Development

We want to do more than make you look good.

We want to make you more money, and to look good doing it. Our custom website designs are crafted for conversions, for leads, and for results

We have build our business around getting our clients results through beautiful and responsive designs. We will take your ideas and share them with the world through innovative digital experiences that actually work.

Social Media Marketing

We know how to build an audience.

Looking for a new cost-effective way to maintain and control your own website? Let us migrate your website to Wordpress and give you back full control your website and its future.

E-Commerce Solutions

Take your business online and reap the benefits.

Looking to sell your product or service online?

Online shopping and transactions are one of the most popular and lucrative ways to boost the income your company makes. There is no reason not to invest in an online business framework.

Let us turn your products and services into an online business website that is sure to yield amazing results.


One hour with us can save you thousands of dollars.

We will assess your business needs, and formulate an action plan for you to boost your website's User Experience, Design, SEO &s; Marketing Strategy so you can confidantly move forward with solutions to your most pressing marketing problems.

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Maintenance and Support

Let us take care of your website for you.

We offer a maintenance and support period where we will personally see to new updates, off-site backups, and theme changes at a signed rate.

Let us help you keep website fresh and your downtime as low as possible.


Spread the word and centralise your traffic.

By applying analytics we can discover where your website traffic is coming from, learn what areas you are lacking and provide solutions that will help boost your flow.

Search engine optimization is the last step for building a functional website, but it is first step on the road to advertising your brand or company.

What Our Clients Are Saying


Pauline Kelly

Director, Welcon Technologies

Steve Williams and Pauline Kelly had been with our current provider for a few years, but were not fully satisfied with the level of control we had over our content and the ability to make changes when we wanted to. While looking to modernise our previous website, and make it mobile friendly, we sought feedback from our staff and received an opportunity to engage a local business entrepreneur who was developing websites with features and editing tools that we wanted for our website. Lyonic Web Design listened to what we wanted and then demonstrated the benefits of what they could bring to our company.

We wanted to expand our market base, and engage our existing client base. This required some iterative work during the development stage to ensure that the important features were available on all platforms. After all was said and done, Lyonic developed a great website. But not only that, they communicated with us every step of the way in rebuilding our website. The experience as a whole was quite satisfying in the way that our ideas and priorities were considered and discussed. Best of all, we were very involved in the entire experience from the onset.

We would recommend Lyonic Web Design to our business colleagues. Should you choose to take on Lyonic Web Design, we suggest having your marketing strategy defined first, and they will help you implement a web presence that reflects this strategy.

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